A Pink Departure

Lately, the wedding color trends have been focused primarily on shades of blush and cream or even the punchier coral/fuchsia tones with blush and cream. These have been the go-to colors for a very good reason. It's classic, feminine and definitely a palette that is non-regrettable in 20 years. However, every now and then it's refreshing to see a departure from shades of pink. Colors are limitless and so fun to experiment with. For this particular wedding, the bride wanted a Tuscan/rustic vibe. So we combined earthy merlot shades with lavender, apricot, green, blue and champagne for a unique color spin. Succulents, herbs, thistle, and scabiosa were the main floral players. Tuscan lanterns and even an Anthropologie inspired muslin and lace arbor curtain were added for one-of-a-kind details. And, how cute is this couple :) Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

Peony Fling

This wedding was undoubtedly one of my favorite affairs from last year. Three words -> Barn. Peony. Coral. This trio proved a vibrant and fresh pop against a rustic barn background. One of the bride's must-haves for this event was peonies. And really, who doesn't want them any time? Because peonies can take your budget from manageable to cray-cray, there are a few things we implemented in this wedding to make them affordable. First and most importantly, this wedding took place in prime peony season. This is typically May-June {for best prices}. Secondly, we utilized the bride's slim-mouthed bottles and containers to hold single peony stems. We splurged on a few places, the dramatic altar pieces and her bouquet, and kept the rest a less-is-more approach. And it truly was gorgeous!

Gorgeous photos captured by Britt Latz Photography

How to use the Color Lavender {Hint: Pair with Blush & Cream}

Back in December we had the opportunity to do a wedding at Hollow Hill Farms in Weatherford, TX. It was a new venue for us to visit and such a quaint gem, tucked away in a beautiful pasture. The weather was glorious, the bride was stunning, and the flowers sported unexpected pops of lavender with blush and cream tones. I loved how the lavender broke up the norm of a blush/cream duo. Incense Cedar foliage brought scent and a winter element, while Succulents enhanced the textures. Here's a few photos of Chelsea's big day.

Many thanks to Loft Photography for the gorgeous photos.