Leaving A Legacy at Aledredge House Dallas

I generally love a good photo shoot and opportunities to style pretty things are always fun. So, when Ciera of Ciera Chante Photography approached me about a shoot at the Aldredge House in Dallas, I was in! The theme was - Legacy. Specifically, how legacy impacts marriage both going in to one, and how the blessing of strong and lasting marriage leaves a legacy for the future. It was a meaningful theme and such a beautiful shoot. We wanted outdoors and of course I wanted texture. There was a vintage appeal juxtaposed with a botanical feel. My favorite was the greenhouse and botanical print sofa, I mean you just can't go wrong. Here are a few photos of our fun day.

Special Thanks to Bee's Knee's Custom Design for the Inviations and Sugar Bee Sweets for the Cake.

Peony Fling

This wedding was undoubtedly one of my favorite affairs from last year. Three words -> Barn. Peony. Coral. This trio proved a vibrant and fresh pop against a rustic barn background. One of the bride's must-haves for this event was peonies. And really, who doesn't want them any time? Because peonies can take your budget from manageable to cray-cray, there are a few things we implemented in this wedding to make them affordable. First and most importantly, this wedding took place in prime peony season. This is typically May-June {for best prices}. Secondly, we utilized the bride's slim-mouthed bottles and containers to hold single peony stems. We splurged on a few places, the dramatic altar pieces and her bouquet, and kept the rest a less-is-more approach. And it truly was gorgeous!

Gorgeous photos captured by Britt Latz Photography